Alfa Romeo 147 FL Sunroof problem

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Alfa Romeo 147 FL Sunroof problem

Post by Nannor1985 »

Hi there. I have a 147 Fl Alfa Romeo (1.6 TS ECO). The body computer was replaced by the previous owner, since then the sunroof does not work. I can't activate it even in the proxy sorting, it can't be selected from the list. I checked with other models as well, the function works when Fiat is selected, the sunroof option can be selected. What do I need to do to make the setup work?
I looked at Mes, and if I select Fiat, the sunroof is visible in the proxy arrangement, which could be adjusted. However, if Alfa Romeo is selected, it cannot be adjusted.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Alfa Romeo 147 FL Sunroof problem

Post by Creteguy »

I have got exactly the same problem.
Did you manage to find a solution?
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