No response from ECU

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No response from ECU

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Hello an good morning,

I am new to this forum. I am living in Germany near Frankfurt and I own a 1996 Lancia Dedra 1.8 GT 16V (131hp).

On friday the control lamp for the injection system came on so I wanted to diagnose the problem since I am having problems with a high idling engine.

I installed Multiecuscan in the newest version, connected my cable (Autodia K509 for K-Line and CAN-Bus+3 pin Adapter) to the car. No interfaces were found.
I then noticed that I forgot to connect the positive Cable from the 3-pin adapter to the battery. After that, the interface was automatically found by the software and identified as VAG K-Line. But anyway, I cannot connect to the ECU, "no response from ecu". What else can I check to get it to connect?

Best regards
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