Vgateicar Pro BLE4 any success accessing CAN?

FESmobile - Windows Mobile version of Multiecuscan
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Vgateicar Pro BLE4 any success accessing CAN?

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I have a 2012 Fiat Ducato 250 with 3L diesel 180 multijet and am able to access ECU with the Vgateicar Pro BLE4 but cannot access any CAD modules using the correct Yellow interface cable. (I need to use the MES Ducato 250 Facelift option in order to access the Engine module.)
I have used a program called "ELM327 Identifier" to test the Vgate device and it shows success with all all Elm commands up from version 1.3 up to 2.2
Has anyone used the Vgateicar Pro to successfully access the CAN systems of a similar Ducato.
Any advice welcome with thanks,
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Re: Vgateicar Pro BLE4 any success accessing CAN?

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I use this Dongle with my x290 with Multiecuscan and other obd2 products. I can access all required ecus (using yellow adaptor where needed). USing a windows 10 laptop. I use the dongle with android aps including Alfa obd (Fiat canbus) on Samsung tablets and phones. I know nothing about apples other than my favourite is a Cox's orange pipin.
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