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CANtieCAR v4.x WiFi update procedure

WiFi mode works both in Windows and iPhone/iPad.

1. Install latest CANtieCAR firmware (ONLY FOR INTERFACES PURCHASED BEFORE 2019)

1.1. Download the latest CANtieCAR firmware from and extract the firmware file from the archive (it should be CANtieCAR4_RC_BW04010846_FW04010428.rfw)
1.2. Connect the CANtieCAR interface to the USB port of the computer (only to the computer and not to car)
1.3. Open the flash drive of the CANtieCAR and execute the CANtieCAR Configurator program (it is named CANtieCAR.EXE)
1.4. Select the correct COM port from the drop-down list of ports and click “Search” (the program will show information about the connected interface)
1.5. Now select “Update” on top (the program will show the CANtieCAR firmware update options)
1.6. Click the “…” button and select the file with new firmware (CANtieCAR4_RC_BW04010846_FW04010428.rfw)
1.7. Click “Run” and wait till the update process finishes and lights on the interface stop to flash (it is less than a minute)
1.8. Now select “Settings” on top and then click the “Search” button again (the “Firmware” number on bottom should change to 4.1.0428)
1.9. In the table of modes double-click on MultiECUScan (FiatECUScan v3.4+)
1.10. Close this program…

2. Switch to WiFi mode (instead of Bluetooth).

2.1. Connect the interface to computer with USB cable.
2.2. Open the flash drive and navigate to SYSTEM folder
2.3. Open SYSTEM.INI (with notepad) and change from WIFI=0 to WIFI=1
NOTE: You can go back to Bluetooth mode at any time by changing this value back to WIFI=0
2.4. Save the file and close notepad.

3. Update WiFi chipset firmware

3.1. Download the WiFi firmware from
3.2. Extract the files from this archive (blank.bin, boot_v17.bin, config.bin, esp_init.bin, user1.bin) and copy them into UPDATE\WIFI\ folder on the CANtieCAR flash drive
3.3. Disconnect the CANtieCAR interface from USB port and then connect it again. It will begin the update of firmware.
The STATUS and other LEDs will blink during the firmware update. Wait about 1 minute till the LEDs stop blinking.

4. Disable logging in the WiFi firmware. The WiFi firmware is still in testing/incomplete phase and needs this additional step to make it work correct.

4.1. Connect the CANtieCAR interface to a car only (do not connect to USB!)
4.2. The RADIO led will begin to blink in white to indicate that the inerface is in WiFi mode
4.3. Search/connect to wireless network "CANtieCAR_XXX" on your computer (XXX will be the serial number of the interface)
4.4. Open a web browser and go to . It should open an "esp-link" configuration page.
4.5. Click on Debug log in the left menu.
4.6. Find UART debug log: on top and click off.
4.7. Close the web browser, disconnect the WiFi and interface.
4.8. Do not do this yet: Using the above configuration page it is also possible to configure the CANtieCAR interface in "station" mode so that it will connect directly to your router. Then any device connected to the router will be able to use the interface. Multiecuscan will automatically search for CANtieCAR interfaces on local networks and will find the interface no matter if it is connected through router or AP mode.

5. Configure WiFi interface and Multiecuscan on your iPhone/iPad

5.1. Connect the CANtieCAR to your car only (do not connect to USB)
5.2. Search and connect to the WiFi network (CANtieCAR_XXX) on your iPhone/iPad
5.3. Start Multiecuscan app on your iPhone/iPad (The Multiecuscan app is available on the App Store)
5.4. Go to Settings (the small button in bottom left part of screen) and set the interface to CANtieCAR
5.5. Now, you should be able to select the car make>model>version>system.
5.6. Select a module and click "Connect" (or swipe left/right the module name and select "Connect").
5.7. The first connection will be a little slower because Multiecuscan will search for CANtieCAR interface IP port.